Pilgrims then and now

The Pilgrimage Route to Santiago de Compostela in Spain was a very long walk for the pilgrims then. It wasn’t as easy as it is now a days. Some medieval pilgrims encountered good food, wine, a nice place to stay where as to other pilgrims if unlucky would enter towns where there was a shortage of food water and shelter. There’s a village near the gates of cize called Ostabat where the toll collectors were ruthless. If you didn’t want to pay the toll, they would beat you and steal the money from you. I personally wouldn’t think about making a trip like this. It requires a lot of time and you have to be mentally ready for this. Considering the fact that traveling from villages to the next can take from three days up to a week. It is infarct a very long trip. Pilgrims in the modern day don’t all walk. In fact biking has become very popular so walking long distance is not so common anymore.

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