Homework Response: A Medieval Monastery Rises in the 21st Century

The monks of the Rule of  the Benedict of the 9th century had a very different style of living than any others today in the 21st century. Their entire way of life is based off the belief of God and the Rule of the Benedict. In order to follow this faith, one must completely give themselves to God, stripping away all pleasures or material possessions. The monks are also given very weird sleeping arrangements according to their character. Each individuals character decides the positions for their beds. Abbots also decide a lot having to do with the monks life. For example, the abbot will decide what they wear. All these are very much affected by living in a medieval monastery. Considering everything that is needed to live and pray is in the monastery, there is little need to be connected with the outside world. The monks have pens for animals for food and have ways of making clothes and even taking care of their sick. This way, almost all of their time is given to God by praying or meditating. By making this monastery int he 21st century, it will give us a closer look of how the monks really lived and what was part of their daily routine.

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