How Evil Was Commodus?

I have seen the movie “Gladiator.” In the movie there were little different from the actual history. In the movie Commodus kill his own father in order to become a king. In the real history his father was died of an illness during the war with Germanic. I don’t think Commodus was actually an evil man. When he becomes a king, no one taught him how to manage the country. That’s why he didn’t have any support by the senate and peoples. This cause him addicted to become a gladiator and didn’t take cares the affairs of state. Even though he had killed many people that he didn’t trust. We should understand because every king will get rid of the people who are threatening his authority. We should know the actual history rather than just watch a movie. Commodus had brought Rome peace for 60 years and give people time to recover by the war by ended the war with Germanic.

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  1. Commodus might not be as bad as we perceive when you watch the movie Gladiator, he seems like a crazy man who kills his father and leads Rome to hell because he does not know what he is doing. He doesn’t follow support this senate and he didn’t seem to care about what they had to tell him but, it was just a movie and it is meant to show the bad side of people. After reading parts of the “life of Commodus”, I saw that he did a lot of killing. I think the bust of Commodus as Hercules can relate to him because they were both warriors.

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