Response to : Graffiti as Art, Graffiti as History

Graffiti can most definitively be defined as art. Art comes from the creativity of the mind. They also say a picture is worth a thousand words. If you look closely at any type of graffiti, whether it be writing on an old statue or on a building in the street, they all tell a different story. The story can be about the person who created the graffiti, such as their name or where they’re from, or it can tell a totally made up story. I do believe, however, that graffiti does have a certain place to be made, as does any other type of art. It should not be made on private property without the owners consent. If it is on a train or an abandoned building, graffiti artists should be able to do as they please. As stated in the videos, the graffiti isn’t damaging any of the property, it can be easily painted over. Something that has been going on for hundreds of years should not be stopped because some people of society do not believe graffiti is considered to be art. I do believe that graffiti can be labeled as art and should go down in history as art.

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  1. Stan says:

    Graffiti is vandalism

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