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Ali Ahmed= Homework #3: Robert Capa’s Death of a Loyalist Soldier

A article “In Love and War” by Robert Whelan talks about Robert Capa’s hard work which was photography during Spanish civil war. Whelan mention that “The Falling Soldier once again as an unquestioned masterpiece of photojournalism and as perhaps the greatest … Continue reading

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Ali Ahmed’s Homework #2: Food and Coffee in the Civil War

After I read the article, I think most fascinating about a Civil War soldier’s diet was coffee. I was socked when I read about it and they mention that, “In their diaries, “coffee” appears more frequently than the words “rifle,” “cannon” or … Continue reading

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Homework #1: Do we need Selfie-Free Zones?-Ali Ahmed

Selfies are the newest form of communication that has reigned prevalent in the last five years. Some selfies goes really crazy that out of control. I think we really need selfie free-zones. According to the article they mentions “a university graduate died … Continue reading

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