Ali Ahmed’s Homework #2: Food and Coffee in the Civil War

After I read the article, I think most fascinating about a Civil War soldier’s diet was coffee. I was socked when I read about it and they mention that, “In their diaries, “coffee” appears more frequently than the words “rifle,” “cannon” or “bullet.”.” I think coffee were best the thing to make them strong and woke. They really loved the coffee, they make their own coffee. I have seen lot of NYPD drinks coffee during their work, I think it’s because make them focus and keep them strong. Coffee is something that not makes you feel lazy. I think I can’t live without Byrani(Indian Famous food), Chicken Shack and Cheese fries. 75d27d31-ed8d-43df-ab3b-099bd1626dcf b6675ca1-adbc-4fe4-b3f7-49368bcdea07

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