HW #2 Food or Coffee?

From my perspective, i would like to choose food rather than coffee, not because i don’t drink coffee at all. Coffee contains caffeine, it is a substance that make people get addicted to it which is that’s why people want to drink coffee for every 6 hours. sometime less, sometime more. The benefit of coffee is that it can relax our nerve system in our body. in addition, we drink coffee actually is depending on our living situation as well. why am i saying this? according to the needs for the soldiers during the civil war, soldiers need to clam their nerves based on what they have done! like killing, no body like killing at all, but coffee could be the only medicine for them at that time. in contrast, when people already live in peace and clam then they are less likely to drink coffee, but they may drink it as one of their habit.


a food that i cannot live without is rice. it is the most common food in our world. we use it to make bread, pancake, rice ball, pizza and more…


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