Homework #2

Between the choice of giving up food or coffee, I would definitely pick coffee. Even though coffee is an excellent source of energy (to some people), I do not need it to function, nor do I even drink it. I am never in the situation that I would need to be alert 24/7, which is why I understand the obsession soldiers in the Union during the civil war had with coffee. Living on hardtack was one thing, but the meager meals these soldiers on the battlefront would receive did not provide enough energy to be on the top of one’s game and face the raging war taking place at that time. Since soldiers turned to coffee to help hone their focus on their enemies, it allowed them to stay attentive throughout the war and may have actually helped the Union beat the Confederates. So, if someone were to ask soldiers from the Civil War; “Would you give up coffee or food?”, I’m more than certain the answer would be a collective “FOOD!”.

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