Homework #2

If I were forced to give up either coffee or food, I’d immediately say coffee. My sensitivity to caffeine does not allow me to drink anymore than a quarter of a cup of coffee and I’ve grown used to living without it. I find the civil war soldiers’ dependency on coffee to be interesting. Especially since caffeine is a drug that people develop an addiction to. It’s not surprising to me that coffee is so sought after by those soldiers. They most likely drank it so much that they began to rely on the caffeine to provide them with energy to continue fighting. Especially when they had to supplement their diets when there was a shortage of food. In other words, they became addicted to the caffeine and any shortage of coffee (as seen with the confederate soldiers) caused them to search for other means to get that “high.”
As for the food I can’t live without, I’d have to say curry, especially Malaysian curry. It’s the most flavorful & rich food I’ve ever tasted and I’ve grown to love it.20100618-curry-norecipes-primary-thumb-625xauto-95842

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