Homework #2

I would give up coffee because personally I do not like coffee much since it causes pain and discomfort to my stomach. But foods give us energy and nutrition. A good recipe and ingredients can make the taste of food better, as well as giving satisfaction of taste to people. While I was reading the articles, I realized I need to appreciate the food that I have today. During the civil war, soldiers had weak diets, especially during the bad weather. Also their foods were tasteless. The only reason they were eating those tasteless foods is because that they tried to avoid the hunger and gain strength. I think Hardtack is the greatest invention for soldier in war. The hardtack is simple and inexpensive to produce requiring only flour, salt and water. The ingredients are not fancy, but they give reasonably nutritious. To me, the most incredible thing about this little piece cracker is that it can last forever if it stores properly. Therefore, soldiers do not need to worry about the food problem during different seasons. Although the flavor is not fascinating, but it provides everything, nutritious, energy, as well as the satisfaction to soldiers.download

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