Joshua Ong: Do we need Selfie-Free Zones?

Selfies is a common way of people taking pictures of themselves with their mobile devices. There are many people that takes a selfie daily. Some selfie may be dangerous to take because it may be a restricted area for people to be in. There obviously needs to be a selfie-free zone. As long as people are not risking their life to get a great selfie, trespassing areas to take a selfie it is fine as it is today. I don’t mind people taking selfies. They take any amount of selfie a day. There may be some people out there that wants to be famous for taking a great selfie at a dangerous place, it is just not worth it to risk your life for just a selfie. Selfies are fine as long as they don’t involve any risks. There should be selfie-free zones for dangerous places.

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