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Joshua Ong: Robert Capa’s Death of a Loyalist Soldier

Whelan’s argument is very convincing. His points of the photo not being staged is good, but i still believe it is staged. The way the person in the photograph is falling doesn’t look realistic to me. It seems off because … Continue reading

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Joshua Ong : Food and Coffee in the Civil War

If I had to choose between coffee or food, I would give up coffee and go for food. I personally don’t drink coffee. Once in a while I end up drinking it, and I wouldn’t be as satisfied as I … Continue reading

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Joshua Ong: Do we need Selfie-Free Zones?

Selfies is a common way of people taking pictures of themselves with their mobile devices. There are many people that takes a selfie daily. Some selfie may be dangerous to take because it may be a restricted area for people … Continue reading

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