Response to: The Greatest War Photograph and Robert Capa

I believe that Richard Whelan’s arguments are very convincing.  Apart from believing in the integrity of Capa’s photographs, Whelan sought the help of Captain Robert L. Franks, “the chief homicide detective of the Memphis Police Department and a talented sculptor and photographer.”  After Franks analyzes the pictures, he establishes some pretty valid points.  One of those being the position of the falling soldiers hand.  I personally believe that Capa’s photograph is not staged.  After reading Franks analysis, I was convinced myself that the picture is as true as can be.  In regards to whether or not the authenticity of a photo matters, I honestly don’t know.  I would like to believe that the most moving photographs are those that aren’t staged, but I also believe that there are some powerful photographs that have been staged.  Moreover, if a photographer manages to get his point across and deliver his message, I don’t think they should be criticized.

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