The Greatest War Photograph and Robert Capa

I think Richard Whelan analysis on Robert Capa were pretty convincing. Especially when he showed that the 2 men in the falling pics were actually the same, as least they look exactly the same. I also start to think about how many photographers like Robert would stage a lot of photos just so it could be published and their name could become more well known. Photographers that went to previous wars like the American Civil War almost always staged dead bodies and made up fake stories to go along with them. I also noticed that the man who was shot in the first photo didn’t even have a wound or blood even dripping from where his wound might possibly be.  That’s why I automatically think that Robert Capa’s photos are staged and fake. I think it does matter if the photo is authentic or not. If it’s not a real photo then why even go to Spain and go through the trouble of traveling if you can just go to a desert in America and replicate those same photos and not have to travel so far to make fake photos.

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