Announcement: Midterm Postponed until Tues 3/19 10 AM

Gertrude Kasebier, Portrait of Alfred Stieglitz

Since class was canceled on Tues 3/12, our midterm will be postponed until next week. Please arrive at 10 AM sharp (come early!) since the exam begins with slide IDs. You can review the exam format here, and find the short list for the midterm here, both files are available under the Class Downloads section of the website.

To supplement your notes and textbook reading, you can review the latest material by viewing the first 37 minutes of the following video:

Alfred Stieglitz video

The video is on Alfred Stieglitz and the Photo Secessionists. Pay attention to the Pictorialists, and Stieglitz’s three-pronged strategy to elevate the status of photography (what are they?). Also, make note of the transition from Pictorialism to Straight Photography and the impact of the Armory Show of 1913 and modern art.

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