There right to choose.

I believe that even in the 21st century us women still struggle to gain equality in many different perspectives of life. Whether at work or at war, women are still view as the “weak sex”. I agree with photographer Addario’s point of view when she points out that there is a great difference between a man’s and a woman’s strength, with some exceptions of course. I do think is dangerous for women photographers, soldiers and/or journalist to work in war zones, but if a woman wants to work in any of these fields then I believe her decision should be respected and accepted. As long as a woman proves that she’s capable of handling these tasks then there shouldn’t be any reason to deny them the right to do so. I believe having women in war zones in a way is an advantage because as photographer Addario mentions, having women in war zones allows the US to try and win over the other 50 percent of the population; the Afghan women, which otherwise would be impossible as males are not allow to visit an Afghan woman’s home and have little to no interaction with them. Allowing women to fight in the front line is definitely helpful in my opinion.

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