Announcement: REMINDER-Final on 12/17 at 10 AM and Grades

Christian Marclay, still from The Clock, 2010

Christian Marclay, still from The Clock, 2010

Reminder! The Final Exam is tomorrow 12/17 at 10 AM. BE ON TIME! Please arrive on time so that you do not miss any part of the test. I am reposting  the terminology for Part IV of the exam. Please review the last post for the format of the exam.

Vocabulary: define 3 terms, 5 points each. Choose only 3 terms to discuss. I will list the following 6 art/photographic movements:

Group f.64
Social Landscape
New Topographics
Pictures Generation

Write a few complete sentences defining the movement and give an example.

At this point, you can go onto Blackboard to look at your current grade status.  If you look at the column “Average to Date”, you will see your grade average without the final exam.  If  your average is 45 or above, it is likely that you will pass the course, assuming you do okay on the final.  For averages that fall in the 40-45 range, you will need to score a B on the final in order to pass the course. For averages that fall below 40, it is likely that you will fail the course.

Final grades are determined by your final average (as per the syllabus). The range is listed below:

A     93-100
A-    90-92.9
B+   87-89.9
B      83-86.9
B-    80-82.9
C+   77-79.9
C     70-76.9
D     60-69.9
F      59.9 and below

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