Is Arne Svenson’s Neighbors series an Invasion of Privacy?

We all want privacy in our lives and it is wrong to take pictures without getting permission from the person. It is creepy that someone is taking your picture without having your consent. Svenson’s photographs are absolutely violating his neighbor’s privacy. He has no right to take their pictures without having their permission. Maybe he does not have bad intentions when he took the pictures, maybe he is interested taking these pictures to see how people would react when people are not aware of anyone taking their pictures. I would feel the same way how the neighbors felt. I would definitely not like if someone capture my pictures without permission from me. I would sue the person just like the neighbors did. We have freedom of right, but that does not mean photographers could take pictures without having permission. These photographs are definitely invasion of privacy. These photographs would bring unwanted attention from the viewers of these pictures and the unknown models would feel infuriated. Imagine having a relative or stranger coming up to them and asking “I saw you in that photograph”. They most likely won’t want such publicity, especially from strangers. What they do in their daily life is their business and no one has the authority to invade that.

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