Robert Capa and the Greatest War Photograph

Robert Whelan pointed out some interesting points about capa’s photograph being staged but still I believe this image is definitely not staged. This image seems real because the way he falls to the ground is similar to how someone would actually fall if that person were shot—shocked and imbalanced. There is a full strength from the bullet that would cause the person to fall forcefully. It looks dramatic and the victim is not holding the gun properly because he was caught off guard. It is almost impossible to pretend like the picture is being captured, that the photographer would capture such a pivotal moment. Then again the location of the picture does look like war, the background appears dark with smoke. Since wars usually occur is secluded areas, the scenery convinces that with the vast meadow. There is no blood around him and that is odd. This would conclude that the photographer took the picture at the exact moment he was shot, before he even started bleeding. He caught everything, the denial stage of his body from the undeniable horror and suffering.

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