Old Photographic Processes in a Modern World

In society one thing is certain. Trends are popular for a period of time and then they get old. Advancements in technology clear out the old and make room for the new, although there are a few exceptions to the rule when it comes to inventions, techniques or products.

Things have a way of coming back, especially in some kind of creative process. It’s common to see artist bringing back “old school” trends or techniques. Today with ample application and photo-edited programs, any average Joe can adjust their photos in unique process.

The wet plate process of photography is coming back, in the photography scene. Its no surprise that this artistic method is being revived by photographers that take their work seriously. When people are passionate about something they do, they tend to explore the old methods that were used once upon a time. In this case the hands on process really gets the user involved on another level then just pressing a button, and really produces a unique result.

High quality fashion designer, Louis Vuitton recently used the wet plate process in an advertising campaign and I’m not surprised. Louis Vuitton’s products are on another level of quality, style and class and the vintage look their collection gives is the perfect target to be captured in this method of photography.

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  1. yennyrosario says:

    I agree with this post in the aspect that trends will repeat themselves. I also believe that trend can be carry forever as long as there is an audience that is attracted to the trend. There will always be someone that feels the need to use old trends in order to relive the experiences, or to keep that quality of work in a modern time. As the post also mention that a famous designer used the wet plate process when advertising their products to bring out the quality and elegance of their product in the wet plate photo. Sometime is hard to let go of certain things even though we may use technology the old ways may just make things appear better.

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