HW #4 Robert Capa’s Death of a Loyalist Soldier

Despite the multiple arguments within Richard Whelen’s article, I believe that the photograph of the falling soldier by Robert Capa is overall authentic and not staged. The argument behind whether or not this photograph was staged or not is a very important one as this photograph ultimately became the first photograph to capture the death of a man during a war. Overall, just by looking at the position of the man within the photograph it is very hard to maintain the position he was in with a sitting position falling down and also like Captain Robert L. Frank stated in his conversation with Whelen, it is hard for a man to know how to curl his fingers like he was in the photograph consciously. A photograph Robert Capa’s photograph can be compared to is Alex Gardner’s Home of a Rebel Sharpshooter in which it was fairly clearly staged. In the photograph Gardner left many notable signs that it was staged such as the positioning of gun against the rocks and the orientation of the soldier facing the viewer. In comparison, Capa’s photograph on the other hand still leaves a lot to be answered when looking at the possibilities of it being staged as unlike Gardner’s photograph ultimately left controversial evidence of it being staged as a lot of these things would be very hard to recreate.

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