Blog #3

Our trip throughout downtown felt like a revival of Greek architecture through and through. With this being evident throughout wall st. you can sense the presence of power and commerce throughout the area. All of the people who had traveled throughout the area where hustling and focused on getting to there destination. With the use of Columns and pediments evident throughout most of the government buildings, showed that they were solely created for a sense of uniformity and power over the community below them.the when closely observing the detailing in the structures it quite a shame not see this sense of craftsmanship not found in contemporary architecture anymore. it all creates a sense of elegance and beauty that is lost in our current day and age. All of the buildings when closely analyzed look as if they found an agreement of how you can meld together harsh straight lines that are found in the pediments and columns while subtly still using curves within the details and crowns of these structures. its also pretty funny when you realize that these massive beautiful staircases were made for people to feel as if they were rising up into these beautiful buildings yet no one climbs them to appreciate their subtle yet glorified beauty.

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