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Blog #3

Our trip throughout downtown felt like a revival of Greek architecture through and through. With this being evident throughout wall st. you can sense the presence of power and commerce throughout the area. All of the people who had traveled throughout the area where hustling and focused on getting to there destination. With the use of Columns and pediments evident throughout most of the government buildings, showed that they were solely created for a sense of uniformity and power over the community below them.the when closely observing the detailing in the structures it quite a shame not see this sense of craftsmanship not found in contemporary architecture anymore. it all creates a sense of elegance and beauty that is lost in our current day and age. All of the buildings when closely analyzed look as if they found an agreement of how you can meld together harsh straight lines that are found in the pediments and columns while subtly still using curves within the details and crowns of these structures. its also pretty funny when you realize that these massive beautiful staircases were made for people to feel as if they were rising up into these beautiful buildings yet no one climbs them to appreciate their subtle yet glorified beauty.

Blog #2

During the 17th century, New York began to thrive with its new innovations and economy which had begun to grow at an exponential rate. The Erie Canal set New York in motion for generations, allowing for the rest of the country to gain easy access to the hub that is new york. Trade businesses grew because of the direct access to Albany as well as buffalo. Because of the new found success in the west, expansion spread towards the eastern side of the country, as well as allowing for immigrants to start to make their mark in the country, further embellishing their future for generations to come. With this new mode of transportation and trade, this inspired even further innovations such as steam power as well as railroads making even greater connections within the area. Traveling distances had more than halved, and cost travels had dropped drastically as well. Several jobs had been created boosting trade, immigration, as well as an overall outlook on the success of the country. From this, population had skyrocketed increasing apartments and tenements, sadly in turn, this had introduced an unhygienic city and filth and disease had spread within the city. Within small tenements and apartments, hygiene was very hard to control especially due to their overpopulation. Conditions would be so bad, as to host 10-20 people per tenement. Within these conditions, all these people would share one bathroom. Cleanliness hadn’t become such an important issue until a few years later. All of these are evidence that one advancement leads to another.


My New York!

I’ve lived in New York my entire life, its a place of which people travel to all around the world in pursuit of something great. In my eyes this city is full of life, opportunity and limitless potential. Yes there are several obstacles in New York City, however when people say that if you can make it here, you can truly make it anywhere, it is a statement of experience.

The entire city embraces a sense of culture and history that it does not deny, cultural diffusion and history are evident in the streets. Although at times people on the streets may seem rude and unconcerned with their surroundings, the nonstop mentality of the people and its city shows the amount of zeal and passion people have to succeed and move on to the next task or opportunity in their lives.

My view on New York may be somewhat bias due to the fact that I’ve lived here my entire life, however because I can relate to the other people that live here I can say that New York truly isn’t that bad of a place. I often hear of people that come to the Big Apple and end up thinking that my city is the most atrocious place imaginable, however to a certain extent I think those people have not yet grown to see the place that New York can make you. Strong willed, independent, and a person that can appreciate the different cultures and life around you, as long as you take out a little bit of your time to see the beauty around you.

New York is a place where the food, culture and architecture, exemplify the people that live in this city. In New York people will continue to surround themselves with the beauty that only comes from the people that thrive here.