Midtown Manhattan is a  place that has redefined architecture . It is a place where  you are not looking for details and intricacies in a building design, but at the grandiosity of defying the  some of the logics we have about how high a building can be built. It has become a center of attraction for the world. It is city that represents the hopes and dreams that draw many people from around the world.  It represents the hope people bring with them when the move to this city. The hope of anything is possible. The dream of aiming for the stars. These buildings gives that hope in style and there presence. The show that this is a small island but the character of its buildings gives that hope people dream of when they move to this city. You can reach the stars.

The architecture  in NYC has created it’s own artistic language that defies the ways we view architecture of previous time. The architecture is there to show that we are grand and we can do anything. Like a famous song “New York the place where dreams are made” of is showcased in the architecture.

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