Reflection: Contemporary New York

During the late 20th century New York was shrouded by a dark cloud that overshadowed the glitz and luster that the city was known for. The city was going through a difficult time. From the ever increasing financial dependency, to rise in crimes, murder, drugs and AIDS. There was a steady decline in population. After mayor Koch was elected, he sought to resolve the issues that his predecessors were not able to solve. The first two years of office ran smoothly where he quickly became a favorite among the residents of the city, but near the end of his second mayoral term he was faced with a major scandal. Many of his elected officials were in jail because of corruption and bribery. It was shocking to learn that the people of New york, who are so often labeled as tough and unforgiving, elected him as mayor for the third time.

The 80’s brought iconic buildings that are now known around the world. The construction of the World Trade Center had started and the new era of post modern architecture was introduced. The once AT&T building, currently known as the Sony building, by architect Phillip Johnson is one of the few famous examples of post modern architecture that is still standing today in New York.

Contemporary New York in my opinion looks like an enthusiastic art collector’s home. If buildings were paintings, then New York would be the Louvre. The wide variety of styles, from Greek revival, art deco, beaux arts, post modernism to international style, New York City has it,  and has had it all by every famous architect of their respected time. Perhaps that is why no matter how much tragedy and hardship the city goes through, or no matter how much the people suffer with it, every New Yorker will proudly (stubbornly) say, that “there is no better place to live, than New York City.”


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