Comments & Reminders – Please read

Please categorize all posts:

Please be sure to add categories for all of your posts.  I created a category for each student – so always select yourself.  This first series of posts should be categorized as “My Family”.

That would include the following:

  • Your original family board  (should already be posted)
  • Your 10 questions to your client family (should already be posted)
  • The response to the questions (please post by tonight – Thursday 1/30)

Also – you can select the category for any student on the lower left side of the home page.  You will see in brackets (2) the number of posts associated with you.  If the count seems low – then check the “uncategorized” section and then add your category.  I have corrected some of these myself.

Next Step:

  • Site visit for inventory and analysis
  • Development of program spaces (make a list and try to give an approximate room size of required square footage)
  • Development of program matrix (see handout under assignments)
  • Development of bubble diagram

Comments on Family Boards:

Take a look at the quality of our family boards and you will see a wide range of graphics.  Please take the time to improve your boards and repost them.  Make sure that you include the makeup of your family. [Winemaker, boxer, twin girls (4), etc.]   All boards should be posted as images (jpg) so they show on the blog post without having to open another file.

Some of the better examples: (this one should also be posted as a jpg)

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