Hello Jaeyoung,

My name is Stephanie and I’m your architect on this project. I just have a few questions to help determine the needs for your new house.

1. Are you planning on expanding your family?

2. Do you usually have guest?

3. Which part of the house would be most important to you?

4. Are you planning on having extra income?

5. Do you need our own room for workspace?

6. What is your budget?

7. Should there be a room with a special purpose? Gym, etc.

8. What is your form of transportation?

9. How long do you plan on living here?

10.Do you prefer natural sunlight?

11.Are you eco-friendly?

12.Any specific dislikes?

13.How do your kids get to school?

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One Response to Questions

  1. Jaeyoung says:

    Hi, Stephanie. I am sorry for late collage posting.


    1. Yes, we are planning to have baby. Our daughter Dina will be born on April 30th. We planed to have two more children.

    2.Yes, we have guests very often. It is not a big group, mostly friends and co-workers.

    3. Obiously, our kitchen should be big enough to work and experiment new menus. We are expecting to have baking system to be built in.

    4. Yes, we sometime work as a freelenser cake design for wedding or any other parties.

    5. Yes, as I said in question 3, we need a good kitchen that is not only good looking but functioning well.

    6. I honestly do not have enough idea of budget yet. But, we expect a firm-building that we can live a long time.

    7. Good kitchen. We want some outdoor spaces as well. We enjoy tea time after meal.

    8. We have a car, however, we usually take trains to get to work.

    9. We are planning to live in this new house until our kids grow up to college students. So, it means a long time in future.

    10. Yes, we want morning sun and evening sun to be in our bed and livingroom.

    11. Not really, but I prefer eco-friendly green building for our future kids. I believe a green building is a trend nowadays.

    12. We both hates bugs. Specially, bugs from grasses. Also, we do not like a strong lightings.

    13. We do not have any kid yet, but probably, by our ride.

    Thank you.

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