Family of 4.

Mother: Katelynn (Candle maker)

Father: Alex (Painter)

Girl: Abby (3)

Girl: Kayla (7) Walkiria Cabrera_Design5_ProfKing_Spring Semester


i am going to reupload a little later for a clear collage

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  1. Mujun says:

    Dear Walkiria. I will be your family’s Architect.

    In order for us to get to a similar perception of the dream house for the family. I would like to ask you kindly answer my 10 question below.

    1. Where is the Site placement for family’s house? Location and Environment Conditions. Size of the Lot, Zoning information etc.

    2. What type of project will this be? New Construction or Existing Condition? Please let me know what are the expectations of your family regarding this project.

    3. What is the estimate budget you can provide for this project? Any particular to care?

    4.What is your expectations of improvement on the new home? anything you like about the old home? what is missing? what don’t you like? etc.

    5.What is your Family’s Life styles? the hours family will occupy. are parents work from home? is your family big fan of entertainments?

    6.How much time does your family occupying the living areas, bedroom, kitchen, utility space etc.?

    7.What kind of spaces do you need, example: bedrooms, bigger kitchen, family room, bathrooms, etc? what kinda of functions or activities will be conduct in the new home require some specify space?

    8.Do you plan on expanding the family after you move in? should i add extra program to the design?

    9. Are there any special conditions regarding your family that i should take into consideration of design?

    10.What are the families interests? Do you have strong ideas about design? What are your design preferences? for example: Is sustainable development and increased energy efficiency of importance to you?

    Thank You.


    Your Designer: MuJun Chen
    Phone: 347- 619 – 3881

    • Hello Mujun,

      1. Located in Brooklyn, NY ; Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 6 adjacent to Furman Street
      Block: 245 Lot: 29
      Lot Area: 412,106 square feet
      Zoning: M2-1
      F.A.R: 0.49
      Zoning Map: 16a

      Surrounded by green space and outdoor activity facilities
      The environment condition is that it is a little chilly since it’s by the water.

      2. New Construction, I am interested in having the house performed and self sustained

      3. Estimated Budget: $850,000

      4. As a new improvement I would like the house to be able to function as a solar absorbed home

      5. My families lifestyle is very creative. They are always working together as a family, doing small scale projects with the kids to keep them entertained. Always a fun and good time in this family. They are very family oriented and invite additional family members over to join in the fun. They love to be around and have a good time inside their home. Very inviting. The occupations of the parents allow them to stay home most of the time to work. And the kids are usually away from the house in the morning simply because they will be in school. They will be back home around 3:30pm. On Weekends, that’s when additional family and friends come to visit occasionally.

      6. The living room is the most used space in this house.

      7. My family will need 3 bedrooms, one being a master bedroom with a master bathroom in there. A shared bathroom for the (2) girls. A kitchen with an island. A storage closet for the food that doesn’t need to be refrigerated. A dining room nicely decorated most of the events happen in the room when there are guest. A room for the father for his painting equipment/studio and a room for the mother for her candle making equipment/studio. Also, storage for sheets and towels and other appliances needed.

      8. Yes, They will need some additional space for expansion

      9. No there are no special conditions

      10. YES!! Sustainable development and increased energy efficiency are of importance. My family want’s their house to resemble creativity in a self sustaining house.

      Thank you so much MuJun, and Good Luck. 🙂

  2. It would be best if the board itself included the family makeup Twins (4), etc. and also some description of the family itself.

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