Structural Set Deadline for Friday Night – May 4th

The graded structural set will include the following:

Cover Sheet or Drawings list on first sheet.  Cover sheet may also include structural perspectives

#1- Foundation Plan

#2- 2 Plans – for example if your plans focuses on the 3rd floor you would do the structural drawings for the 3rd and 4th floors.

#3 – Structural Building Section

Locate all slab openings/shafts by dimensioning to the closest grid lines

Include dimensions of grid lines on all sheets

Sunday’s Deadline

For this assignment please submit

Floor Plan

Room Names/Numbers  Doors and Door Tags, Dimension Strings Interior, Dimensions Exterior, Door Schedule, Windows and Window keys

RCP Plan

Room Names/Numbers – moved outside of plan, lights, supply/return ducts

Exterior Elevations

Windows and Window Keys – indication of materials

Upload both your Revit file and a single PDF of plotted sheets

Useful Tutorials

Tutorial Covering Stairs

Tutorial Covering Curtain Walls and Curtain Wall Doors

Tutorial Covering Roofs

Tutorial Covering Walls and Color Coding Filters by Fire Rating


Goals for Monday April 23rd

Focus on your plans:

  1. Floor Plans:
    • Walls with Wall Types Keyed
    • Room Keys
    • Door Keys & Door Schedule
    • Dimension Strings Across the plan
    • Identify a list of additional wall types that need to be created
      • (plumbing chase for bathroom, etc.)
  2. RCP Reflected Ceiling Plans:
    • Add ceiling materials (2×2 or 2 x 4 grid or GWB on metal studs)
    • Lights (you will need to load the families)
    • Return and Supply Registers (you will need to load the families)
  3. Stairs:
    • Add stairs to the plan-
    • Add shaft openings for the plans
  4. Research:
    • RCP Plans – review RCP plans online or just walk around and look up at the ceiling
    • Stairs – According to NYC Building code how high can a stair be before a landing is required.  Cite the line of code on your team website.

For Thursday – Due Wednesday by Midnight

Work on your floor plan.  Add the following:

  • Walls – not generic but 1 and 2 hr or non-rated walls
  • Room Numbers and Names – develop an organized system
  • Doors with Door numbers
  • A sketch of at least one space for the reflected ceiling plan to show the following:
  • Lights
  • Ceiling Materials (hung ceiling)
  • Sprinkler Locations
  • Supply and Return registers

Both should be uploaded to Blackboard.

Mid-Semester Grades are Posted

If you check blackboard you will see that all assignments are graded.  This includes those of you who submitted late work for some of the earlier assignments.  You will also see that your mid-semester progress set of drawings is graded. The chart below will let you see where you stand in the class relative to your peers.  Please be aware that there is time for final grades to change (up or down) based on the work from now till the final presentation and submission.  To pass the course you must earn a C or better or you will be required to repeat.  There is still time for everyone to improve there grades and for some of you an A grade is still possible!  You will find an assignment in Blackboard that contains your grade as well as comments for each of you – please be sure to read this and seek me out if you have questions.

Welcome back from Spring Break

I look forward to seeing everyone on Monday.  A reminder that you are working on two assignments:

1 – Home Depot Materials Assignment – based on our field trip put together your materials presentation – covering a minimum of three materials.

2- Work on developing your wall sections based on your materials choices.  Continue your research and begin to make necessary 3D families.

Graded Individual Deadline for Sunday the 18th – end of day

This is a graded submission of your Revit Case study file.  You should upload both the original Revit file and a PDF of plotted sheets.

Please complete the following:

  • Cover Sheet – includes drawings list and one 3d View of building
  • Architectural Floor Plans A-100 series.
    • Showed exterior walls & Slab
  • Architectural Reflected Ceiling Plans A-200
    • (not required for this submission)
  • A-300 Exterior Elevations
    • All exterior elevations N/S/E/W
  • A-400 Building Section & Wall Section Details
    • Building Sections at 1/8″
    • Enlarged wall section details 3/4″, 1 1/2″ and 3″ scales
  • Structural Drawings S-100 series
    • Set the proper view template – include columns and beams and tags