Progress Deadline for Wednesday at Midnight

You work as a team to determine the dimensions of your case study building but each of you must draw your own Revit files – no sharing of files.  You may share your research.

Complete the following for your case study:  INDIVIDUAL WORK

  • Draw Grids
  • Draw levels
  • Create a titleblock and format the grids – try to use 1/8″ scale

Upload the following to Blackboard by midnight Wednesday

  • Your Revit file
  • A PDF plot of the titleblock with grids.

Be prepared to draw the following during next class:

  • Foundation Wall and Footing
  • Structural Columns
  • Floor slabs – basement to the roof

Re-submission of work for F grades

I generally do not give out F grades unless no work is submitted.  All F grades given were for lack of submission for work.  When I complete the grading and have not received the work – I put in a grade of F – even if we have had a discussion about your handing in the work late.  In general if work is submitted late is will still be graded but the grade is typically lowered. There is a limit to how long after a deadline work will still be accepted.

If you received an F for the connections project – this is because you did not submit.  Please submit as soon as possible and the work will be reviewed for regrading.

If you did not submit earlier work please come see me directly during office hours to discuss it.

Grading Statistics

Below are grading statistics for all work for the semester. Login to blackboard to see your grades for each assignment and review the statistics below to see how well you did relative to the rest of the class.

For the first connections assignment was just a check assignment – meaning did you or did you not hand it in.  If you handed it in the grade shows as 100 if not it shows as 0.  Do not use the average shown in blackboard as an indication of where you stand.  It is the main graded assignments that count.

Day 6 Class Notes

Today’s Agenda

  • Pinup of Connections Assignment –
      • Review of sheets
      • Revit skills for Leaders and Dimensions and Plotting
      • Review of Drawing Sets (for Cornell University Laboratory Projects)
          • Focus on sheet layout – use of structural grids
  • Start the Project file for Semester long case study
    • Creating Grids
    • Creating Levels
  • Due for next class
    • Draw grids and levels for your project
    • Be prepared to create foundations drawings