Assignments and Contacting me

Email:   (recommended)  or    PKing@CityTech.Cuny.Edu

Assignment 1:  Case Studies.  Select 3 potential case study subjects.  Format each on a separate 11 x 17 sheet for a total of 3 sheets.  Print before class.  Pinup in corridor outside the classroom.  (bring pins)

You do not have to visit these buildings yet.  Just look to see how much information you can gather between now and the next class.  Put this on your board.  Do not be concerned if you cannot find complete information.

  • Must be located in NYC (One of the 5 boroughs) so you can visit it often.
  • Steel frame building
  • Has public access (CUNY Buildings, Museums, Commercial buildings)
  • Multistory (4 or more stories)
  • Large public lobby space (must be at least a double height space)
  • Monumental or public stair in the public lobby (optional)
  • Two or more materials on the facade.  For example glass curtain wall and metal panels.

Assignment 2:  The Scavenger Hunt:  Select 3 things that interest you in the project file.  Create three views (plan, elevations,section) all of the same scale for each for a total of 9 views.  A good scale to use is 1/2″ = 1′-0″.  Do not print.  Bring your project file to class.  Rename the project file as follows:   LastName_Firstname-ScavengerHunt.RVT

Welcome to Building Technology III

Welcome back everyone.  I look forward to working with all of you this semester.  Openlab will be the main means of communication between me and my classes.  Please be in the habit of checking this site on a daily basis for assignments and instructions.

I will use this site to answer students questions as they occur this semester and to clarify assignment requirements and deadlines.  I will also clarify for each assignment where work is to be posted (Blackboard, Course OpenLab Site, Team OpenLab Site or Individual OpenLab Site.

Please be certain to register on openlab and become a member of the class site.