Goals for Monday April 23rd

Focus on your plans:

  1. Floor Plans:
    • Walls with Wall Types Keyed
    • Room Keys
    • Door Keys & Door Schedule
    • Dimension Strings Across the plan
    • Identify a list of additional wall types that need to be created
      • (plumbing chase for bathroom, etc.)
  2. RCP Reflected Ceiling Plans:
    • Add ceiling materials (2×2 or 2 x 4 grid or GWB on metal studs)
    • Lights (you will need to load the families)
    • Return and Supply Registers (you will need to load the families)
  3. Stairs:
    • Add stairs to the plan-
    • Add shaft openings for the plans
  4. Research:
    • RCP Plans – review RCP plans online or just walk around and look up at the ceiling
    • Stairs – According to NYC Building code how high can a stair be before a landing is required.  Cite the line of code on your team website.

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