Sketch Handouts

Required List of Tools

Wkly_Sktch_01 Drawing 1: Looking Through—Space to Space

Wkly_Sktch_02 Drawing 2: Light Entering A Space

Wkly_Sktch_03 Drawing 3: Space Defi ned By Light Next

Wkly_Sktch_04 Drawing 4: Space Defi ned By Materials

Wkly_Sktch_05 Drawing 5: Architecture

Wkly_Sktch_06 Drawing 6: Color of Many Colors

Wkly_Sktch_07 Drawing 7: Organic Things

Wkly_Sktch_08 Drawing 8: Joining Materials

Wkly_Sktch_09 Drawing 9: Refl ection/Transparency

Sketching Overview Colored Pencil

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