Assignments & Rubrics

Assignments Sheets will be posted throughout the Semester
Assigned Assignment Name Due Dates
Day 01
Assignment Team Website Due Day 02
Assignment Team Interviews Due Day 02
Assignment Site Sketches Due Day 02
Day 02
Assignment Team Research Projects Varies
Assignment Zoning Due Day 04
Rubric Zoning
Day 04
Assignment AR.2330.Assignment.ADA Assignment
Class 05
Rubric ADA
Assignment Dwgs List, Abbreviations, Graphic Symbols, Materials Legend Assignment
Due Class 05
Rubric Drawings List Abbreviations & Symbols
Day 05
Assignment Partition Types – Preliminary Due Day 06
Rubric Partitions
Final Submission Due Day 07
Day 07
Assignment Stair Study Sheets Due Day 09
Rubric Stair Studies
Day 09
Assignment Scavenger Hunt Assignment Due Day 10
Assignment Autocad Set1 Submission Assignment w/Rubrics Due Day 11

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