Updated Room Areas Table

Program Spaces Areas

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I want to encourage each of you to consider getting involved in the colleges Solar Decathlon Effort staring in the Fall of 2014. You can do this as part of the CUNY Service Corp and get paid for your time and involvement. The deadline to register is today Monday the 31st.

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Please review Updated Tutorials

Updated tutorials are now posted for days 13, 14 & 15.

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Long Span Case Studies

Due on Wednesday March 19

Each of the three teams is to put together a Powerpoint presentation of possible long span structural solutions for the Gym and the Atrium Space.  You should include as wide a range  of materials and techniques as possible.

Materials can include wood, steel, concrete & specialty materials (Glu-Lam, Cable Structures, etc.)

For the Gym you need to span 100′

For the Atrium you can choose the span based on how many columns you want across the open space.

A case study should identify a material or system along with a building where it was used.  You should provide the name of the project, the materials & the structural system used.  Included the span and depth of structure.

If you were absent and were not made part of a team – either reach out to another classmate to join their team or complete your own independent research.  You must still meet the same deadline.

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Latest Tutorial is Posted

The latest tutorial is posted covering the start of the new academic complex.

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Deadline Reminders

  • Scavenger Hunt:
    For today please submit your scavenger hunt assignment by the end of the day today March 5th. Those of you who posted it last night will be given extra credit towards your grade.
  • AutoCad Set Submission: 
    This set needs to be submitted by Sunday evening March 9th.
  • Warm-Up Project:
    This will be assigned this Friday and will be due by next Tuesday evening March 11th.
  • Team Vocabulary:
    I am keeping a tally each week.  Please keep up to date.  This must be done as you go and not at the end of the semester.  Grading will consider who has kept pace with the weekly postings.
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Extra help!

Dear class,
Be reminded that I’ll be in the second floor (the room in front of the computer lab) if you need help regarding Building Tech III. Here are my office hours:

Wednesdays: 4:00 to 6:00pm
Fridays after class: 11:30 am to 5:00pm

Hope to see you there!

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Autocad Set 1

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Upcoming Deadlines

    • This Friday the Stair Studies sheet(s) will be due for grading.

    • Next Friday will be the deadline for re-submission of the Zoning and other Autocad Sheets. These will be graded separately from the original submission.

    • If you want a grade for the original submission you must post this on Blackboard by no later than 11 pm Friday March 2. Otherwise the grade of F / 0 for these assignments will stand.

  • There will be additional new assignments due as well – so be warned that you must keep up with the course workload.

  • Remember to keep your vocabulary / glossary up to date. You should each be at a count of 16 by today – Day 8
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Updated Lecture from Today

I posted an updated copy of today’s partition lecture at a higher resolution so you can read the notes more easily.

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