Updated Lecture from Today

I posted an updated copy of today’s partition lecture at a higher resolution so you can read the notes more easily.

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  1. Hi Professor King:

    The only type of stair plan I am completely familiar with is half-turn stairs as fire stairs. My questions re: straight run and L-shaped: railing standards/recommendations (I’ve made my stairs 40″ wide) and exit standards (ie., 36″ door: wall required on each side of door same as fire stairs or less?). Also, are there wall types best utilized for each of these types of stairs? I’ve posted 4 plans with most of the railings, albeit probably wrong, and minus walls. Also, my runs are all 12″ (including 1″ nosing); is that suitable for all the stair types?

    Thank you,
    Silvana Mastrolia

  2. Hi Silvana,

    I believe the half-turn stair you refer to is the U-shaped stair in the assignment.

    For the railings the ADA code asks for an extension of 12″ – at the bottom this includes the depth of a run as well.

    For wall types us the same for alll – anyone of your 2 hour rated walls.

    Maximum run is 11″

    Stairs need to be 44″ minimum to meet code.

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