Long Span Case Studies

Due on Wednesday March 19

Each of the three teams is to put together a Powerpoint presentation of possible long span structural solutions for the Gym and the Atrium Space.  You should include as wide a range  of materials and techniques as possible.

Materials can include wood, steel, concrete & specialty materials (Glu-Lam, Cable Structures, etc.)

For the Gym you need to span 100′

For the Atrium you can choose the span based on how many columns you want across the open space.

A case study should identify a material or system along with a building where it was used.  You should provide the name of the project, the materials & the structural system used.  Included the span and depth of structure.

If you were absent and were not made part of a team – either reach out to another classmate to join their team or complete your own independent research.  You must still meet the same deadline.

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