In my workplace there are ups and downs, there are going to be a day that won’t be easy. For the most part, I’ve entered this job, I was able to interact with people, I use these skills to enhance it because communicating becomes networking, networking becomes to partnership, partnership to projects, etc. My day at the office is, Arrive on the time I should be arriving, go straight to the computer room and sign in for a laptop to use, go to the back where people works in this big long table as a workspace. From time to time my supervisor will come and check up on me, ask me how are things going, If I have any questions or help I’ll go to him to get my answers. Sometimes after I’m done with an assignment I always go and ask if there’s any task available. The reason I ask this is because not only do I want to keep myself busy to get through the day, but it also to show people that your responsible and reliable and also to impress them, because you never know, one day they may promote you to a higher position for the hard work you have done.