Getting to know my supervisor

My supervisor is Nahian Ayes, and he works as a World Voices Festival General Manager. My role in this internship is the assistant for the World Voices Festival, preparing for the program that will be happening in May. I chose this internship not just because I needed it for the course but also because to help me sharpen my skills. I wanted to improve my ability to communicate, network, and professionalism. I heard of this job from a friend who offered me the position and told me that this will help me in the future. I first spoke to my soon to be supervisor over the phone about the requirements of the internship.  I didn’t wait to long for an interview and he told me to come in the next time I was available. Some things I was asked included was, “Are you more of a person that likes to do things on your own judgment or do you like getting people’s opinions?”, “What made you choose the market and design world?”, and “What is your goal and passion?”.