Entering Pen America


I work for PEN America, which is a non profit literacy organization. There are three different locations for this company in the east coast. The one I work for is in Manhattan, Soho. The other two are in California and Washington D.C. It is a public company, and they work to protect literature and human rights in America and all over the world. They also celebrate the work of other people through awards and public events. The people that are members for this company include all kinds of people that work in creative and professional literature, as well as human rights activism. This includes all kinds of authors, journalists, people that work in publishing, among others. The company began in America in 1922 in New York, but the original company, PEN International, began in London. There, it was created as a way for people who worked in literature to connect regardless of boundaries that may disconnect you as a result of World War I. I work in the department regarding the World Voices Festival.

When I was looking up this company, I learned of the effect that PEN has on the world. I read that many journalists are arrested in other countries in order to silence them. This caused PEN International to retaliate against this by causing many people in the public to take notice of this. This led to the release of many imprisoned journalists.