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Please reflect on one behavior (exercise, diet, stress management) that you had the most success at changing this semester. How did LiveWell help/support you?  Reflect on your experience with LiveWell and your overall experience with the program.

Have a safe and healthful summer!

-Dr. A.

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  1. LiveWelll Relfection-TScriven

    The behavior that I had the most success at changing was stress management. This course reminded me of the physical dangers that stress could cause and Live Well gave facts that contributed to that idea. The LiveWell program mentioned meditation, which is something I used to make time for. Hearing about other students make time in their busy schedules for it, was the reminder that I needed to bring it back into my schedule, therefore reducing stress.

    My experience with LiveWell was mostly positive. I enjoyed the overall concept and did learn a bit in regards to how much fruits and vegetables I should be consuming. However, I don’t feel that it made me want to change. I had already been doing a lot of the health behaviors that it suggested I do prior to participating in the program. I also did not enjoy the long surveys (as I never do) that it gave when trying to determine what stage of the Transtheoretical method I was in.

  2. Livewell was an interesting experience, having to actually think about change and being given a path to follow and to commit to these changes for me was a good thing. I usually manage my stress pretty well and exercise a lot so I was more focus on the diet part of live well. However, I wasn’t so much interested in dieting, more so eat well. Livewell was great helping me with these because it provided me with a reminder to stick to it as well as a lite regiment on how to eat healthier. Bringing able to track my progress was also great because there was a small incentive to keep going till you reach maintenance level. All and all I think livewell is a great program to show people how to change behaviors and to at least get them to the beginning stages of positive change.

  3. Livewell was a very helpful tool in terms to evaluating, changing, and maintaining our exercise, eating, and stress management habits. I do wish that I was introduced to it on a personal level rather than a requirement for the class, because It does take anywhere from 10-15 min to go through the surveys, I rushed through some steps to get it done, otherwise I would go through each evaluation with more time to see the changes takes effect. I really needed to change my eating habits and incorporate a workout routine in my everyday schedule more than stress management, because I need to lose weight in-order to maintain my back issues. livewell gave me the opportunity to be more on track and be more aware of what needs to be done (eat more fruits/vegetables) and how to incorporate and motivate myself to work out. I have seen clear difference in my choices when it comes to eating and I’m more prone to eat healthier than before. Now whenever I want to eat, in the back of my mind, I’m trying to balance out my proteins, greens, and some carbs. I have signed up for a gym membership and have a work out partner to encourage me to hit the gym on the regular. I believe the overall experience was brilliant to have a platform for my health.

  4. I think the LiveWell program is a great tool, and I’m glad that I was introduced to use it this semester. It was broken into three categories: stress management, exercise, and nutrition. For me personally, I think the one that helped me the most was stress management. I often find myself stressed out between working full time, going to school full time, and my most important role being a mom; I often time found myself under a lot of pressure. There was a section on time management, which provided me with a lot of tools. Ive incorporated some of the tips into my lifestyle and they have been helping me stay on track even at moments when I feel overwhelmed. One thing that really stuck with me is “Taking a 5-minute timeout to get a new perspective”, this really helps in moments when I feel very stressed. Taking a few minutes to step back and analyze the situation helps me confront it in a better way, with a more positive attitude.

  5. The Livewell program is an excellent way to learn how to manage the things you need assistances within your life. I can tell you there were a variety of things when it came to working out and eating well I trusted Livewell furnished me with enough data on how and what to do. The most thing I would say Livewell support me the most with is stress management. Stress has been a major some portion of my life this year, and I have taken in the numerous ways I can oversee it. I knew the steps I was taking after was working on the grounds that each time I would do the activities I likewise see the enhancements from my outcomes. This program is fantastic, and I honestly will go back to it to it occasionally.

  6. I really enjoyed livewell, it would remind me to stay healthy even though I was felling overwhelmed will school. It helped me by reminding me to buy healthy food and how to ignore junk food. I was able to get healthy meals more often while ignoring all of the fried food and other junk that was offered. I am starting to think more about the food that I consume and the impact that it would have on my health also, I am going to the gym on a regular schedule. The biggest impact livewell had has been the fact that I would eat a lot cleaner now, when compared to before livewell.

  7. The Livewell program was very successful for me this semester. It helped me exercise regularly and not procrastinate any longer. Livewell help me maintained a steady exercise routine daily. I’ve been having back problems throughout the semester, the livewell program helped me ease the pains in my lower back from doing excersies often. Livewell also helped me with a more healthy eating lifestyle, by cutting down the junk food and eating more vegetables which surprisingly i like a lot now.

  8. LiveWell seems to be a good activity to practice every semester. Exercise and diet, while performing this activities, it make me realize that I am aware that my health needs to be maintained but at the same time I was creating excuses of why I do not exercise, all kind of things crossed my mind, school, the children, the time not been enough, work, monetary and social problems. Definitely we all have these same problems but know how to handle it is important, LiveWell activities made me think that if I do not take care of me first, I will not be able to deal with any of the things already mentioned. The stress management was my favorite part, because I not handle stress very well and I worry a lot about things, but this part made me feel happy because I realized that despite all the negative and positive things of everyday life, I came to a conclusion, and it was I’m grateful because I do not have to go through all this alone, I have support from my family and friends, and people who listen to me and they support me. I really need to do something better to de-stress, because the problems and bills will always be there. Talking makes me feel good, but I will like to feel better, so this is my project for this summer come up with a new coping that can help me management my stress better. I loved this class, I felt I have learned a lot, keep up the good work Professor Almond and have a nice summer.

  9. LiveWell was a great tool to use to evaluate your health habits and life style and get feedback on how to improve. Two areas LiveWell helped me with are exercising and stress management. I liked how the program asks your weight and height and nutritional information and daily activity questions in order to evaluate where you need to put in more work. This makes the results more personal and made me want to follow through with it. I started walking whenever possible after starting the program, in order to add a form of exercise into my daily life, whereas a couple months ago I would hate to walk anywhere because of one excuse or another. Also, this has been a very stressful (last!!) semester for me so utilizing LiveWell to evaluate and get feedback on how to manage that stress was extremely helpful. My method of stress release is to talk about it with a friend or my parents and Livewell encouraged that and also told me other ways of releasing stress, such as working out or doing what I enjoy. However, one thing which could make the program even better was if the surveys were shorter. It took a while to finish and towards the end I did not put that much thought into it. Overall though it is a very good program and should be introduced to a larger audience for personal use as well.

  10. The Livewell program is a very beneficial program to not only see where you stand in dieting, exercising and stress but shows you how to apply the skills to change. After completed each session i realized how many of those excuses i use to not practice any of those behaviors in a positive way. After I completed that first session i realized how important it is to exercise and eat right and it guided me to do it in a way I can handle. Meaning i said i would eat a cup of fruit more a day and i was able to accomplish it. The tips at the end was my favorite in all 3 categories. I have always struggled with all 3 and after completing this program i feel like i have the tools to continue to change and reach the maintenance stage. This program in my opinion should be introduced in all schools to help children or teens have an understanding early on rather than later.

  11. I had the most success with the stress management on the live well program. Before learning about the program i use to manage my stress by using various activities such as breathing, walking and listening to music. I at times thought these were just to occupy my time and wasn’t at all helping to manage my stress. After being introduced to the live well program, i realize that these activities were not a waste and was actually helping me to maintain a low stress level which has always worked prior and after finding out how much it helps motivate me to continue using these strategies as well as new ones i have learned as well as share this knowledge with others. Over all the experience was great, it touched on major points that affects peoples lives gives advise on where you are which might be preparation or for me at times maintenance stage, gives motivation on where you should be and checks up to see if you have gain any success. Would recommend this program to any one.

  12. Livewell is a very helpful resource when we want to change our health habits. It was my first time using this tool but I did enjoyed using it because besides telling me in what stages I was, it even gave me tips to go to the next stage. When I started this program, I was in the preparation stage in diet and now I finished in the action stage. I knew that I had to change my eating habits because before I would prefer groceries, soda and junk food instead of healthy food. Now, with the help of this program, I am the kind of person who carries a bottle water and a fruit inside my bag. If hungry or thirsty I just look inside my bag instead of buying any type of snacks in a deli or a vending machine. I am also trying to drink a fruit juice at least throee or four time per week. I will recommend this livewell program to anyone who is considering to change their eating, stress or exercise habits.

  13. In my own experience the LiveWell program was a very effective tool for me. Not only it helped me evaluate myself but set a path to try to change my health behavior. This program really helped change some of my eating habits and helped engage in exercising. Prior to using this program I knew what I had to do to stay healthy but I was being lazy or just ignoring to stay engaged in the healthier behaviors, with this program kind kept me in check with myself, also the great thing about it, it sets activities for the things I need to do to engage in the healthy behaviors. The stress management activities I found very useful in my case. I would definitely recommend this program, I think this program should be offered to people at younger age to better rise awareness also to learn what to do and how to stay engaged in healthy behaviors.

  14. Please reflect on one behavior (exercise, diet, stress management) that you had the most success at changing this semester. How did LiveWell help/support you? Reflect on your experience with LiveWell and your overall experience with the program.

    LiveWell was a program that didn’t make me actively do to much, but caused me to reflect on why I do the things I do. I think I had the most success with stress management. I work full time, I took 18 credits (6 courses) this semester, I’m trying to pay off my student loan debt and I pay Manhattan rent. The program let me re-evaluate how I handle my stress, why I am stressed and some concepts to think about. Reading certain questions and realizing that many people feel the same stressors that I feel (common enough to be questions on a pretty generalized survey) made me feel like things weren’t as bad as they could be. That perspective alone allowed me to decrease the severity stressors had on me. The activities were helpful, and the suggestions were interesting to think about. The workout/dietary portion was helpful also, but mostly as a reminder to stay on track.
    Also, with the semester winding down, my number of stressors decreases considerably.

  15. Please reflect on one behavior (exercise, diet, stress management) that you had the most success at changing this semester. How did LiveWell help/support you? Reflect on your experience with LiveWell and your overall experience with the program.
    The suggested activities were the most interesting on the LiveWell program. They were really focusing on my diet since it is horrible. I learned to start setting small goals, like baby steps. At first I set to start eating 1/2 cup of fruits and/or vegetables at dat then for the second session, I was asked if I completed the goal and I didn’t so I was suggested to set a less ambitious goals, hence 1/4 cup will do it. The program helped me to be more aware of the foods I ate as well as my surroundings which greatly influence in your eating habits.

  16. One behavior that I finally managed to change was to push myself to do more intensive workouts like instead of the speed walking that I generally do, I signed up for a gym membership and now do cardio on the treadmill that builds up my stamina. LiveWell helped me to adhere to an exercise routine that will help me in the long run that is more intensive but is great for my heart.

    Overall, Live Well is a great tool to give people the opportunity to learn adherence. Adherence to a new lifestyle that is very intimidating because the whole experience is very foreign, and if one is not ready emotionally they could relapse. Besides that, everything about the program, the diet, stress management, exercising, the use of the transtheoretical model really made me see the connection between the course and health in my everyday life.

  17. I would say the diet. I was already on a diet but live-well really re-enforced my diet. I knew what I was eating was healthy but the suggestions they gave were almost identical with what I was doing already, so it showed me i was on the right direction. So i am proudly on maintenance and will continue to stay there.

    Enjoy Your summer. =)

  18. LiveWell is a very beneficial program. I have learned a lot from this. Past few months I actually have put on some extra weight. That’s why was trying to maintain a healthy life style but did not know how to start. Live well helped me a lot about that. I have learned about healthy eating like portion control, regular exercise and most importantly stress management which we really need know specially for us as a college student. This website is really a healthy foundation for life.

  19. Live well was a great experience. Luckily I was in the maintenance phase already but I still learned a lot. I improved in areas such as being more confident surrounding my eating and exercising. Answering the questions such as how likely are you to exercise if you are hanging out with people that don’t was an eye opener. I often try to get my workouts in before I hang out with people that don’t. Now I think I will continue to do my workout and try to encourage these people to join me. I think it is a great program for college students that are easily distracted by what others do and say.

  20. Live well was a great experience. It was like a refresher about health. Sometimes we are so busy we forget to take care of our self , live well helped me by reminding me about my health. Also how much more I should be doing. Live well didn’t take much time so I didn’t feel like it was extra work. Answering the questions I was able to react and take action. When I was answering the fruit question I was so upset, I didn’t realize how little fruits I eat. After that I actually asked my mom to make sure she packs me a fruit for work. Now I eat like a banana or apple while at work. I think for future students Live well will be a great program and very useful.

  21. Overall, taking part of the live well program has had a positive effect on my health habits. Whenever I feel like I want to snack, I always think back to a specific question from the Live Well program. I feel guilty when I have to make the choice between eating a fruit or eating a bag of chips after answering the questions. Before taking part of this program, I always wanted to start exercising. I have come to the conclusion that I have my mindset up, but, I just need to take action. I also found the reason as to why I haven’t started exercising through this program. I haven’t started taking part in any physical activities because I have nobody to exercise with. I need to be motivated and have someone I can “enjoy” exercising with. I also need to stop eating alot of food and cut down on what I eat.
    I successfully made up my mind that I must start exercising to release stress instead of binge eating. As the semester has come to an end, and school is almost over, it would be more harder to make up the excuse to say that “i’m busy.” Summer 2016 would be destined to the time of year in which I change my portion sizes and promote exercise behavior amongst myself and my peers thanks to this program.

  22. livewell is one of the best experience in life, it helped to understand stress and how to manage it even better. honestly, before livewell I did not know how to eat healthy, how to keep a great body. during this semester I had the opportunity to learn new stuffs. I did not start with the exercise part yet due to my health, since I started to eat at least 1 cup of fruits or vegetables daily, my body feels much better. I will continue to practice everything I learned in this program.

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