PSY3405 HD32 ”Critical” Health Psychology, Spring 2016

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PSY3405 HD32 "Critical" Health Psychology,  Spring 2016
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Social Science
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Spring 2016
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This course provides an overview of existing psychological and epidemiological findings on the relationship between behavior and disease. The course explores how behavior, emotion and cognition can influence disease processes and examines the impact of stress and perceived control of one’s destiny on coronary, immune and infectious diseases and symptoms. The biological processes of several relevant chronic illnesses are covered as well as related racial and social economic health disparities. Templates for understanding and treating chronic illness including social support, referral and interventions for optimal physical and mental health are discussed. The interdisciplinary theme of this course will provide an overview of extant literature on theories of health psychology within the context of critical race theory, epidemiology, research methods, philosophy of science, biological anthropology, sociology, as well as applied health/medical fields for an enriched understanding of the biopsychosocial approach to health and illness. Lectures and in-class activities as well as films, guest lecturers, and interactive computer programs make up this textbook-free course with required readings made available through CityTech’s OpenLab and Open Educational Resources (OER).


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