Attendance: 10% of final grade

  • A student may be absent without penalty for 10% of the number of scheduled class meetings during the semester.
  • We meet twice per week, allowing you to miss up to 3 absences. More than three absences will negatively affect your grade. If you are going to be absent, please let me know in advance. If it is an emergency situation, please contact me within 24 hours of your absences.
  • An absence is an absence, whether it is “excused” or not. Contacting me prior does not ‘waive’ the absence.

Open Lab Work: 15% of course grade

Prochange Livewell Behavior Program for College Students: 10% of course grade

In-Class Worksheet and Website Evaluation: 15% of course grade

Papers: 30% of course grade

Final: 10% of course grade

Readings/Quizzes (10%)

A (93.5-100%)

A- (89.5-93.4%)

B+ (86.5-89.4%)

B (83.5-86.4%)

B- (79.5-83.4%)


C (73.5-76.4%)

C- (69.5-73.4%)

D (59.5-69.4%)

F (59.4% or below)

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