Reading Outline

This course reading outline and the dates established therein may be subject to change at discretion of the instructor.

* indicates brief 1-10 item quiz immediately following the reading: 10% of course grade

Week One: 8/27 Introduction/Course Overview Policies 9/1
Week Two: 9/1; 9/3 Health Psychology; Research Methods Intro to Health Psych; The Scientific Method 9/3*
Week Three: 9/8; 9/17 Race: Biological and Social Views Race 9/17*
Week Four: 9/24; 9/25 Theories of Health Behavior and Change Models for Positive Change 9/25*
Week Five: 9/29; 10/1 Health, Race, and Social Justice Public Health; Global Health; Descriptive Epidemiology 10/1*
Week Six: 10/6; 10/8 Stress Responses and Coping Mechanisms Stress and the Body: Stress and Immunity 10/8*
Week Seven: 10/13; 10/15 HIV/AIDS HIV/AIDS 10/15
Week Eight: 10/20; 10/22 Social Class in the U.S. Stratification- Katherine Carter 10/22
Week Nine: 10/27; 10/29 Understanding and Treating Chronic Illness Experience of Illness 10/29*
Week Ten: 11/3; 11/5 Cardiovascular Disease Effects of Exercise on the Heart 11/5*
Week Eleven:11/10;11/12 Chronic Pain Disorders Fibromyalgia 11/12
Week Twelve: 11/17; 11/19 Cancer Cancer Overview 11/19
Week Thirteen: 11/24; 12/1 LiveWell Behavior Program Image Presentations
Week Fourteen: 12/3; 12/8 Group Poster Presentations
Week Fifteen:FINAL 12/10-15/15 Self-Reflection of Critical Race Paper and Course Review film transcripts and notes


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