4 thoughts on “Week Seven

  1. Working in a pharmacy always leaves my mind wondering of the different diseases and sickness we have in the world. I found this reading very interesting and knowledgeable.

  2. The article was enlightening. It gave me more details than what I already knew about HIV and AIDS. Although, one can only hope we can find more answers to a cure on current disease and illness as time and research continues.

  3. Doctor to patient: you have HIV/AIDS…
    When the news or result of being diagnosed with HIV/AIDS is read to you, the biggest fear now is the reality that you have to live with it and all what you have to experience or go through with it (symptoms and treatments). And for these patients in Patient’s voices, accepting the reality and coming out to speak about it and educate others was one step to help curtailed their anxiety and stay positive to themselves. Because one of the undesirable things to do is to allow the mind to be manipulated by the negative thoughts of the disease; which will eventually deteriorate the body and its system and reduce life expectancy. A positive thought with the help of medication could prolong life.
    However, one might wonder why scientists have not yet been able to find cure and eradicate the disease once and for all. The different stages and symptoms are known, and some of these symptoms (for example, chronic diarrhea, tuberculosis, lymph node enlargement, and toxoplasmosis of the brain, to name a few) are not new or strange, and are well studied and treated in other illness cases. If people with HIV/AIDS are experiencing these same symptoms, isn’t the same procedure or approach should be taken to cure the disease? Or the symptoms with this disease have different approach? The pros and cons of the T-cells, etc are known; “Truvada” a nucleoside analog reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NRTI) that is used to treat HIV-1 infection in adults and teenagers (12 and older), but does not cure the disease , helps but not what one would wish for, for the disease. Is it really an unknown invisible hidden thing about this disease that no one knows how to find cure to? Or the disease is just left for scientific studies? One just has to be extremely careful and take every precaution (strictly safe sex) not to contact the disease until a permanent cure is found.

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