4 thoughts on “Week One

  1. I agree with all of the ground rules with the exception of rule #3. In my opinion I would factor in that speaking freely would offend others even though its for learning purposes. I feel that it is in our nature to have a change in tone or feeling when responding to a “challenge question”. Therefore, challenge questions would be challenging to answer respectfully for few. Referring back to my Intro to Psychology class, I have experienced the conflicts among the peers when having open discussions.

  2. I agree with all of policies mentioned. I mostly agree with number 1, because since all of us think differently and we have so to much say it’s best that we listen from our peers and respect what they say, because that way we learn and interact with them in a sufficient manner.

  3. The rules/policies here are pretty straightforward to me. The only thing is that I hope we can all keep an open-mind and remember that while it may be someone’s opinions that are expressed, that no one takes anything too personally. Although it is understandable, how some opinions can spark a huge “discussion”. Hope you can be there to cut in and calm us down (no one’s perfect) and try to move us through the discussions.
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