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  1. It’s a very good assignment promoting public health (disease control): vaccinations, hand washing, condom use and breastfeeding prevent the spreading of infections and boost immunity. Unfortunately, many people just take for granted nowadays vaccinations, for example, that dont know, how high was the mortality among population before invention of the vaccines.
    And global health and epidemiology are very important today, with all globalization, etc.

  2. Public health, Epidemiology, and Global health are very important topics when it comes to health. Regardless of location – whether in a particular community, country/nation, or the world at large, the health of every person deserves quality of life prevention and treatment of disease (if illness is a factor), and other health conditions that need immediate attention when referring to public and global health. Furthermore, epidemiologist play very important role, especially in the field of descriptive epidemiology which classifies the occurrence of diseases of people who are affected, places where the condition occurs , and also when and the time it happens. In addition, the issues of global health is one that is very vital and should always be on the table to stress its importance. For example, in a case where a country/nation is affected (for instance, the recent Ebola crisis in West Africa)with a deadly disease that would spread throughout the globe and causes life and death situation, if immediate action is not taken the result can be devastating. Therefore, these three topics are a vital brain-opener for students to grasp the pros and cons of all three of them and there importance.

  3. Learning about basic heath uses which we assume we know is really great. Simple things like washing hands often to keep germs and dirt away, breastfeeding to ensure the good health of the child. Also taking vaccinations for the prevention of various diseases and use of condoms to prevent from HIV or or sexual diseases are the most common things and health measures everyone should apply and keep in mind.

  4. Global health isn’t an easy topic to touch on, seeing as it is reported on (not often) and isn’t taken as seriously, especially when it isn’t happening near us.

    The topic of epidemiology is kind of disappointing in the fact that it doesn’t really try to find out the reason for the cause of illnesses (since most often than not, finding out the “why”, can provide answers for the “how”).

    Public health is good, only when people take it seriously. At the moment it is treated as a “guideline” and not a checklist to help prevent illness, with the exception of those that treat the guidelines like a bible (not intentionally, ie: OCD). Others have their own beliefs on it and don’t really follow it, despite the facts presented to them (praying your illnesses away instead of going to doctor or taking medication).

  5. When we talk about health Public Health Measures for Disease Control, Descriptive Epidemiology, and Global Health are very important topics that we need to know about. We should always wash our hands in order to avoid germs. We should also prevent disease and infection by taking vaccines and using condom to prevent things such as HIV.

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