Blog Response 3

The three articles, Performing, Translating, Fashioning by Hogue, Growing Coalition Calls Brooklyn Museum “Out of touch: and Demands Decolonization Commission by Vartanian, and Making–and Governing–Places for Democracy by Brad Lander and Michael Freedman Schnap in my opinion touches upon self transformation. The articles all talk about shaping your behavior to the environment. The article by Hogue talks about the idea of always being under surveillance and being so normally that we don’t even think about it. In hindsight we constantly shape our behavior without paying. He also said that during performances; spectators can fall under the category of the respective group,surveillance; that is only because in hindsight, they are causing the performer to act accordingly.

The other article by Vartanian is touching on staying in touch with self preservation. There is an argument to “Decolonize this place” which is just the idea; that the art about presented to the public, actually hurts the African-American Public. Only because despite the art put out to praise the African-American Community; the community in which we live in is still the same community that claims white-supremacy, population displacement, and the notorious police terror. He also talked about the changes the museums bring to the location it resides in. It partakes in gentrification; which causes the changes in behavior around that area, due to the changes that are happening. It causes displacement, and yet they try to praise the African-Americans by giving them their own exhibit within the museum.

The last article by Land and Schnap talk about self transformation in a sense that our voices matter. Most people are under the circumstances that our voices don’t get out there, because we are voices clashing against the heads of bureaucracy. However our voices do matter; voices when a movement is taking play, and the voices of many come together to bring about a social cause that needs reform. So the constant thought that our voices do not make a difference in the way things can be ran or can changed, does matter. When unified, it can make all the difference.


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