Ethics Entry 2

In the past, I have used another’s creative work and I did credit them. I either put their names, usernames in the description or I verbally say it.  I get inspiration from singers and other designers, what’s beautiful about getting inspired by other creators is you can explore the endless possibilities of how you want your designs or any work to look. We take something from other designs that are already published and we turn it into something else. It’s hard to be original because almost everything has been done but that shouldn’t stop creators to create. Having other designers, singers, illustrators and etc, credit another one’s work builds a strong community in the arts.

The argument and the outcome of the Fairey Copyright case were chaotic. Fairey was aware that Obama’s photos were cropped. If Fairey knows that the photo was edited, then he should acknowledge that this photo was possibly taken from a well-known photographer. Also, he could’ve done more research just in case if anyone has to say that he “copied” someone’s work or any accusation. Being a designer involves a lot of research of where you get your inspiration from. I agree that he used the photo as a reference because most designers do that to create something new. I personally feel that AP filed a lawsuit because money and recognition were involved. Now in days, no one wants to lose money when it comes to the arts. If the campaign wasn’t a huge impact there’s a possible chance that AP wouldn’t care. What’s interesting is Fairey pointed out how Garcia has “copied” old headshots. I’m surprised that Fairey covered up his problems which will create more chaos to the whole situation because if the information gets exposed then he’ll be in deep trouble. Even though Fairey and AP came to settle for the HOPE poster. Fairey should be more self-aware after his case, no matter if you’re a famous or non-famous designer you can still get in trouble for a small or big reason.

Article Link: Hope_Poster_Case_Study-1