Collaboration (5)

I haven’t been assigned to do a group project with my colleague. But I do ask questions, help, or talk to them while showing our work together. When we make mistakes, we learn from each other. Recently, my supervisor hired another intern and I know her due to having the same classes. I always ask questions to her because she’s so intelligent. I enjoy asking questions because I want to clarify if I’m doing the right thing or not. This will help me to advocate myself in the outside world. That’s the best part of being a graphic designer, I’m communicating with a bunch of strangers because I want to be open-minded. Everyone in the company I’m working at, I like everyone and I wouldn’t mind working as a team (even though we already are). This upcoming semester I’m taking The Design Team, I’m curious who I’ll be working with and how other designers communicate and design. There’s probably a chance that there will be someone that I don’t like working with due to being laid off.

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